We offer training in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus, which is a globally recognized ballet organization that offers graded exams. RAD is one of the most influential dance education and training organizations in the world. Ballet dancing is a beautiful and graceful art that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, body size, or fitness level.

Our students are encouraged to develop a thorough understanding of basic ballet fundamentals and vocabulary necessary for genuine mastery of classical dance, starting with Basic Ballet, Pre-Primary, and Primary levels, and progressing to eight Graded and six Vocational Graded levels. They have the option to move from Graded Examinations to Vocational Graded Examinations at an appropriate time or to study both pathways simultaneously.

We highly encourage our students to participate in the annual examinations and presentation classes offered by the RAD. Graded examinations are generally held in Late Spring.

Term Dates

Fall term 2023 Term begins: September 23rd Term ends: December 16th

Winter term 2024 Term begins: January 7th Term ends: March 17th

Spring term 2024 Term begins: April 2nd Term ends: June 16th

Watching Days Watching Days give you the chance to see how your child has progressed in class. It takes place in the normal class time towards the end of each term.


RAD exams provide an internationally recognized standard and a framework for students of all ages and abilities to develop their musicality and artistry. They offer an opportunity to set and achieve goals and be rewarded for hard work and dedication.

Whether you are seeking a new challenge, building confidence, improving your technique, measuring progress, performing, or simply moving to music, RAD exams can provide a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for you. Regardless of your age, body size, or fitness level, the RAD syllabus offers a comprehensive and structured approach to ballet training, starting with the Basic Ballet, Pre-Primary, and Primary levels, and progressing through eight Graded and six Vocational Graded levels.

Students can choose to pursue either pathway or both simultaneously. The RAD exams are generally held in late Spring, and we highly encourage our students to participate in these examinations and presentation classes.


  • Preschool Ballet (3-5yrs)
  • Pre Primary In Dance (min. 5yrs)
  • Primary In Dance (min. 6 yrs)
  • Grade One
  • Grade Two
  • Grade Three
  • Grade Four
  • Grade Five
  • Grade Six
  • Grade Seven
  • Grade Eight


  • Intermediate Foundation (min. 11yrs)
  • Intermediate (min. 12 yrs)
  • Advanced Foundation
  • Advanced 1
  • Advanced 2
  • Solo Seal

For exam candidates, a minimum of two ballet classes a week is required. The decision of entry in the examination rests solely with the teacher.

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